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We help doulas who are frustrated with the business aspects of their practice by giving them easy-to-digest, actionable, repeatable steps to streamline and simplify business maintenance allowing them to focus on the true heart of their business; their clients.

You're in the right place!

This is THE place to get geeky about running your doula business

…we LOVE growing doulas, businesses and our families AT THE SAME TIME!!


I'm Robin Elise Weiss, the owner of 100% Doula Business and this group.

You can also find me at and Robin Elise Weiss.

I have a system to let me grow and organize my doula business quickly and confidently, without business school.

This group is right for you if:

  • You are a doula, or you want to be!
  • You want to talk to other doulas about the daily challenges of running a business that isn't quite like any other.
  • You have a business and are tired of paying for every eyeball, busting your bottom for clients, and you are looking to create a system that works for your life.
  • You have a passion that you want to share with the world and want just a little help getting eyeballs to your doula business!

We have every kind of doula in here from folks who are just beginning to experts who have plenty of clients.

We have doula groups, we have doulas in hospital programs, we have solo doulas, we have doulas in partnerships, and every kind of doula business you can imagine.

If you have a doula business and want to make it streamlined or are looking to get some specific business skills to make your doula business take off, this group is for you!

We keep it simple - The rules:

  • Be nice.
  •  Don’t spam us (No self-promotion except in allowed threads - this includes "please share me" requests outside of specific threads... it includes linking to your blog posts directly... it includes telling people to join your group, or to PM you for more... AND... this includes the comments).
  •  No lives or videos without prior permission.
  • WE REMOVE FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS... So if you goof, message to get back in, and don't do it again.

Feel free to jump in!

This group is loosely based on the principles we teach in the 100% Doula Business Foundations Course

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Note: We occasionally screenshot comments in the group and use them for promotional purposes. This is not a "secret" group.

Any questions or concerns?

Reach out:

Robin Elise Weiss – [email protected]

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